27 July 2006

Monumental excitement! Hive Arrival...

Amazing! My wonderful wife has bought a complete, ready-assembled WBC hive for my birthday - absolutely fantastic!

Somehow she managed to order it and have it delivered right under my nose.

It's from Thornes (http://www.thorne.co.uk/index.htm) and comes with frames with foundation (the wax sheets ready for the bees to build honeycomb), gloves, veil, stainless steel hive tool and some mystery bits of wood and a peculiar plastic bucket.

There may have been instructions included; I unpacked it in a childlike frenzy of excitement, ending up with bits of hive all over the place.

On a commercial note, it's clearly and excellent piece of kit, and well made. It's made of cedar and with the wax smells edible!

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