25 August 2006

First time hive inspection

Completed my first solo hive inspection, and nerve-wracking it was too...

After checking ten times that I had done the suit up properly, when I got to the hive I found I had left the right legging unzipped. Bugger.

When I had taken the roof off, taken the feeder and crown board off, and taken the super off... the smoker ran out of smoke. Buggeration.

The next-door neighbour then made a point of shouting at her dog, "Come away Pebbles, you've already been stung once." At this point I rushed a bit, and the bees went potty. It's all going Pete Tong.

The bees had a good old go at me as I checked a few frames, and generally made me want to go away - probably exactly what they wanted, too. They look happy enough though, no queen cells and lots of new foundation being drawn out with honey in them.

Good grief it's hot in a full bee suit!

1 comment:

Ed said...

Missed opportunity, TCD. We want a picture of you in the bee suit. Or dressed as a bee. One or the other.

If you take the second option, try consulting www.beedogs.com for some style tips. Then simply replace the canine element with something a little more anthropomorphic.