16 August 2006

Making up syrup to feed the bees

My bees arrived late in the season. August is usually the time to take the honey crop out, and then leave the bees alone to build up their stores for the winter.

The first thing was to ensure that they have enough food, to help them build up both numbers of bees and honey stores.

The syrup is a one pound of sugar in one pint of water. This goo is then put in a bucket with a lid, and the lid has a gauze patch in it. You then turn the bucket upside-down and plonk it on the crown board on top of the hive (under the outside roof), and the bees can feed on the syrup through the gauze.

Simple, except to start with I got the proportions completely wrong, and when I turned it upside-down, it came straight through the gauze.

One sticky kitchen floor later, I figured that it's more like two pounds of sugar to a pint of water.

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