12 September 2006

Sticky problem? Fairy solution!

Here's a tip-top-tip if you are trying to clean a surface or tool of propolis: Fairy Power Spray!

Propolis is the goo that bees make to seal gaps in the hive. It's their all-purpose builders' glue, a kind of No More Nails for Apis Mellifera.

Oh Boy, it sure is sticky!

Propolis resists scouring, detergents, soaps and oven cleaner. Fairy Power Spray, on the other hand, cuts through propolis almost as soon as the spray hits the surface, resulting in a yellow gunge that you can simply away.

Procter & Gamble, there's a whole new market out there!

I wonder if Ainsley Harriott keeps bees?

Toby Chapman-Dawe

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