04 December 2006

Wimbledon Beekeepers' Association Honey Show

The Annual Honey Show tonight, judged by Peter Bashford (in the white coat) and assisted by Phil Barnes. Peter Bowbrick presided over the prizegiving, Charlotte Winterborn welcoming guests and competitors.

Owing to a slight misunderstanding - principally me not reading the instructions properly - I had not realised that despite having no honey this year, I could still have entered for a competition class. Number 17, "A Decorative, Artistic or Creative Exhibit relating to Bees or Beekeeping." Put another way, no real need to keep bees. Right up my street. Next year, perhaps...

The best exhibit was the mead (made by Vladimir Berka), particularly the Dry. Very nice. A bit like Madeira.

Suddenly, beekeeping has a purpose...

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