14 April 2007

Bees in the Antipodes

Ngaio has sent me a link to her excellent site "Bees in the Antipodes."

She asked me "You sound like me - I am still trying to sort out how to hold smoker ( preferably going),hive tool and camera, with huge bulky gloves on whilst opening hive.. any ideas ?"

Well, speaking from a position of profound Incompetence, (a) I forgot the camera last time anyway, and (b) I wear lovely yellow Marigold brand washing-up gloves, so it's a bit easier - and I use a tripod for the camera.

The secret to the smoker is cardboard, and LOTS of it. When we caught the swarm, Peter (formerly a Regional Bee Inspector) stuffed his smoker with cardboard and had a mini-inferno on his hands before closing up and smoking with it.

By the way, Ngaio is in Aotearoa, New Zealand. How about that!

1 comment:

Ngaio said...

Love those gloves !! I think I may have a calf poo yellow pair under the kitchen sink - the little darlings will think I am a dandelion flower and gently land without stinging ?? Seriously though, wouldnt you feel the stings more if/when they happened ? I am determined not to use any gloves when I get braver, I`ll let you know what happens, you will probably hear me swear from your end of the world ..