01 April 2007

A bright, blue cold sunny Sunday

The weather is annoyingly variable. Yesterday morning was beautifully warm, with the bees buzzin away, while the afternoon was waaaay too cold to open the hive for a peek. Today is a bright, blue cold and sunny Sunday, with only a few bees venturing out; too nippy to check the hive.

Thank you to Green Lovin' Gal for her kind, gnarled comments about the bee videos. Couldn't agree more. (GLG has an excitingly diverse site about allotments; the most recent entries mainly concern a new baby, Clara (niece?), shots of friends and rellies persuaded to do the dirty digging, and painting her shed: www.anallotmentsnotjustforchristmas.blogspot.com). Good work gel.

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Anonymous said...

You're doing a great blog job Toby. After Alan Byhams talk last night I had every intention of puting fresh comb in the brood box today and the weather is pants,(check out John Smiths weather site), but thats beekeeping for you.