03 October 2007

I cannot think why Paul sold it to me

The only good thing going for this manual extractor ... it's clean.
Well, it was at this stage, anyway.
Made out of thick polythene (like a homebrew beer bucket) and with a metal brace across the top for the winding gear, it is utter rubbish.
The gears do not mesh properly (incorrectly made). To clean it you have to take it to bits using spanners (poor design). The bearing at the bottom protrudes (poor design), which means the whole thing skitters about on the floor (generally useless). The tap at the bottom does not seal properly (poor design). The lid (which comes in two halves) does not seat on the rim properly (poor design).
Apart from that, I cannot think why Paul sold it to me. After I am done, I will chuck it on the muncipal tip.

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