12 March 2008

"Ouch" in Turkish is "Auaa!"

Ali Türk wrote, in response to the "What's 'Ouch!' in Turkish?" posting:
  • "Es freut mich sehr das dir meine seiten gefallen habenwir haben dauernd neue videosund wissenswertes über imkerei. Oush bedeutet türkisch Auaa!"
For those of you watching in black and white, it reads 'I am very pleased that you liked my site. We constantly have new videos and knowledge on beekeeping. "Ouch" in Turkish is "Auaa!" ' See http://www.ben-gittim.blogspot.com/ for more details...

PS TUNCAY ERDEM wrote "I was there when that video was recording. That guy is not beekeeper. He is a friend of mine. But it was realy funny fortunately any think happened .. "

Are they still friends, I wonder?

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