20 June 2010

A Practical Manual of Beekeeping

My best bee-reading to-date is A Practical Manual of Beekeeping: How to Keep Bees and Develop Your Full Potential as an Apiarist, by David Cramp.

Genuinely outstanding, and in parts very funny, too. Hugely recommended.

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Hennypenny said...

If, after reading this manual, you develop your "full potential" as an apiarist as the title suggests, won't you be required to re-name your blog to something more along the line of "Diary of a semi-competent or quasi-competent keebeeper? I'd like to take your recommendation to read this manual, as i am hoping to venture into the wide world of beekeping in the spring, however the author's name gives me pause...cramps from an overdose of laugher, perhaps?