24 May 2011

Deep and tall

Much of my beekeeping is not exactly well-planned. I mean, I keep notes for each hive and have a definite objective each time I visit, but that's no substitute for thinking, unfortunately.

The brood box on one hive could do with changing. Scrotty* old foundation, tons of propolis - you get the picture. Reading up on performing a Bailey comb change put me off completely. Instead, I went for the the following: stick a new (deep) brood box on top of the current brood. The idea is that the bees all migrate upwards, and at the end of the season or next spring, I can remove the tatty old brood.


Except when I opened the hive, I had failed to note in my meticulous planning that this hive has a standard brood and a super acting as a brood. With the new deep brood on top, I how have a hive almost taller than me....

How, exactly, will I manage to lift off full supers?

*Does scrotty" come from "scrotum"? Said of various people (the late Robin Cook being a victim when it was revealed he had had an affair): "If that's what his face looks like, God alone knows what his scrotum looks like."

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