03 January 2012

Christmas Comment

Kelly Jacobs commented on this blog: "I recieved 9 Bee books for Christmas 2011. I plan on being a Bee Keeper in 2012. The Complete Idiot's Guide for Beekeepers is my favorite of the pile. I also enjoyed a video where Dean spoke for an hour...with constant interuptions. I like the no chemical direction of the book and educational materials. It's better for planet earth."

Remember, you only have to read 50 books on any subject to become an expert. 


We Save Bees said...

Did you guys have any colony collapse over the winter? :/

Mil said...

Interesting comment in that you only have to read 50 books in a subject to be an expert. Along those lines, I have heard you have to spend 7 years practicing a craft to become an expert.

I just read two beekeeping books by Ormond and Harry Aebi, and I loved them. The books are more narrative rather than instructional, but that's not to say there are no teachings in the book. In fact, there are many, and this is my preferred type of beekeeping book.