23 October 2006

All set for winter

Checked the hive yesterday - cold and wet. Four bees were sitting quietly at the hive entrance keeping guard, otherwise no activity.

Later this week I will replace the hive entrance bars with a mouseguard (apparently mice will get in during winter and eat bees, honey and wax) and then wrap the hive in chicken wire to keep the woodpeckers away (am I being gullible here?).

17 October 2006

Bee recognised

After a short holiday, I have not opened the hive for a couple of weeks now. From the outside, they seem busy enough, which is a good sign.

On holiday a person asked me if I always wear protective clothing, or if the bees now recognise me. Recognise me? "Oh, hello! Aren't you the twit that keeps dropping frames and messing up our lovely hive?"

Exit Incompetent Beekeeper, pursued by a bee.