20 November 2007


http://beeclubpellas.blogspot.com/ Some excellent photos of bees and miscellaneous hymenoptera, such as the drinking bee (Oh Yes!), wasps and yellowjackets as well as an enormous list of blog links. I'm guessing that ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΒΑΡΡΟΑ ΠΑΝΩ ΣΕ ΜΕΛΙΣΣΑ ΣΕ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΟ ΜΙΚΡΟΣΚΟΠΙΟ is the Greek for something like "varroa mite seen on a bee through a microscope." The pictures alone are worth a look, even if your Greek is restricted to Demestos-inspired ramblings.


16 November 2007

Feed the bees, tuppence a bag...

Max advises me that another feed of the bees would be a good plan. My last attempt involved the sticky realisation that the syrup was too watery, with a horrible dribble of goo splashing all over the frames. His tip top tip is to shake the feeder upside down before putting it on the crown board.

The next tip is not to leave the feeder on the hive all winter (which I did last year). He reckons that the plastic bucket traps condensation and is better removed as soon as the girls have had their fill.

Pic stolen from http://www.marypoppinsthemusical.co.uk/ I saw the show - *excellent* with an outstanding and truly remarkable performance from Scarlett Strallen in the title role

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British Blog Directory contains a few beekeeping blogs.

14 November 2007