12 March 2008

Blog of Anatolian Beekeepers Society

  • We are a group of Turkish Beekeepers. Blog of Anatolian Beekeepers Society provides knowledge and discussion atmosphere about beekeeping for members and our guests. We also try to protect our native bee races diversity. Turk’s land (Anatolia) has Apis mellifera anatolica, Apis mellifera caucasica, Apis mellifera carnica, Apis mellifera meda, Apis mellifera syriaca. If you are not from Turkey and interesting about our beekeeping techniques and our honey bee races. Don’t hesitate to connect with us. Our Language is Turkish. But we can communicate with you English.
Further down the blog there are some great photos of Turkey - a beautiful country

"Ouch" in Turkish is "Auaa!"

Ali Türk wrote, in response to the "What's 'Ouch!' in Turkish?" posting:
  • "Es freut mich sehr das dir meine seiten gefallen habenwir haben dauernd neue videosund wissenswertes über imkerei. Oush bedeutet türkisch Auaa!"
For those of you watching in black and white, it reads 'I am very pleased that you liked my site. We constantly have new videos and knowledge on beekeeping. "Ouch" in Turkish is "Auaa!" ' See http://www.ben-gittim.blogspot.com/ for more details...

PS TUNCAY ERDEM wrote "I was there when that video was recording. That guy is not beekeeper. He is a friend of mine. But it was realy funny fortunately any think happened .. "

Are they still friends, I wonder?

10 March 2008

What's "Ouch!" in Turkish?

The images of beekeeping and bees on http://ben-gittim.blogspot.com/ are really outstanding. Unfortunately, my Turkish is even more limited than my beekeeping skill. The photo here needs no explanation, and there's a fine video on ben-gittim.blogspot.com of the deed being done!

06 March 2008

Time to learn about death

Take a look at http://www.dukecityfix.com/profile/NMBeek and specifically his post Learning from Death Fascinating blog, and full of useful info. I found it through another blog, http://mistressbeek.wordpress.com/

PS NMbeek's a fine-looking feller. Nice hat.

03 March 2008

Of Mice and Men

Cleared the hive out, and here's the damage from a mouse (it was in the hive when I opened up!).