23 March 2010

Bailey Comb Change

The current thinking is a Bailey Comb Change.

See http://www.wimbledonbeekeepers.co.uk/Bailey%20Comb%20Change.pdf

Bailey Comb Change

Nipped up to the apiary to take a look at the hives, as today was warm-ish.

Took the anti-woodpecker chicken wire off the hives, and took a peek in each. The hive nearest the gate looks pretty much dead. A mouse had somehow managed to lever the mouseguards open (you can see the nibble marks!) and ended up trapped above the crown board. The hive furthest from the gate looks busy, but I think it's robbery, not activity, as I could see no bees in the hive itself.

Prognosis: not good. One definitely dead, the other probably dead.

16 March 2010


Trying to find time to inspect the hives is proving tricky. The weather is so cold and wet that I dare not open the hives, and on the odd warmish day I have not had the time to take a look.

Instead, today was a Jericho inspection. Of the two hives, one seems to be busy in a suspicious kind of way, with lots of bees buzzing around, but not at the entrance (is it being robbed?), and the other seems fine, with a few bees milling around at the entrance.

The anti-woodpecker mesh seems to have done its job this year, at least.