23 April 2010

keeping bees

"keeping bees" by Paul Peacock is a longish (120pp+) attempt at a practical guide...

Not particularly well-organised or written, "keeping bees" is easily eclipsed by "Hive Management" by Richard E Bonney.

Next on my reading list is "Guide to Bees and Honey" by Ted Hooper.

14 April 2010


Every time I visit www.peak-hives.co.uk, I covet their beautiful, beautiful hives.

Remind me, which sin is that?

06 April 2010

"Jericho" not the best inspection method

Finally, finally managed to find time to inspect the hives fully rather than the previous Jericho efforts.

As I thought, one hive failed to make it through the winter - except, of course, it was not the hive I was expecting...

Judging from the remains of the cluster, the colony that died was not large enough to keep warm. There were stores near-by, the comb etc looked healthy. The surviving colony already has many, many more bees.