07 September 2010

Waxy Beelegs Honey

Redfish commented, about the 100lbs honey crop from two hives, "sounds great, do you sell your honey?"

No, I do not sell my honey. My incompetent beekeeping is dwarfed by my incompetent extraction and bottling, resulting in honey laced with wax and bees' legs. It may be crunchy, but boy it tastes good. 

Thank you for the comment, Redfish.

Image from http://www.fishdeco.com/.

06 September 2010

Global warming causes bees

This article "UK study finds city bees healthier than country bees" http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/green/detail?entry_id=70548 is made immeasurably more interesting by a collection of beautifully idiotic comments, such as:

"It's not only their diet but there is a much more diverse culture in city life. It makes you a more rounded bee and your tolerance level to change is much higher. I can imagine a lot of bees would love city life"
"And then there is global warming. Cities are warmer due to the urban heat island effect. One can only conclude that global warming causes bees."