15 June 2013

Incompetence is back, Oh Yes

The bees are happy in their new home, if a little confused. They are flying out of the back of the hive, not the front.

How come?

That's because I forgot to re-insert the floor in the hive, so the girls have been Commando for the past few days, flying any which way they fancy.
Ooops. Fixed now. 

12 June 2013

Feed and fallibility

Turned up this evening to move the nuc frames into a nice new brood box, only to discover that the nuc frames did not have spacers on them, and the brood box does not have castellations. Positioned the frames by eye, placed the feeder on the crownboard, and will return with spacers.

Where's one of these when you need one?

11 June 2013

Back to the future

Great Scott!

This evening I picked up a nuc from East Surrey Bees, and popped them into the apiary.

The endeavour followed my usual form: the light was fading, and my goodness I am out of practice. Still, the girls should be happy in their new home. I shall turf them out into a brand-new brood box and frames tomorrow evening, and add feed.