22 July 2013

Gathered ethically, for maximum absorption in a balanced way

I am not making this up, I promise: straight from http://www.seventhwaveuk.com/63-propolis.html.


Certain honeys are known to heal, and are proven effective against many strains of bacteria.  Some of the best contain a bit of Propolis.  But for maximum health potential, this is a supplement containing just pure Propolis.
There's a massive 1,000mg per capsule of purified Bee Propolis. As an all round foundation vitamin and mineral supplement, just one a day is perfect.  But if you need to repair and restore, then we recommend two a day.

Just like all of the treasures from the beehive, Propolis is bursting with nutrition. Over 180 nutrients are present including all your key vitamins and minerals, trace elements and amino acids.  Propolis is one of natures richest sources of bioflavonoids (antioxidants). And of course everything is totally natural, and works with your body in a balanced way.

People have been enjoying the benefits of Propolis for thousands of years! And modern research has proven how effective it is.  The benefits are wide, with excellent therapeutic effect, but Propolis is especially recommended for your immune system, circulation and gum health.  Please note that EU legislation prevents us discusing how Propolis may help specific health conditions.
We are so proud to be the UK's natural and additive free supplement brand, and it means you get the maximum absorption and results. The additives used in other products are potential allergens, and can really reduce effectiveness.  You can read more on this here.
Gathered ethically from honeybees in the mountainous region of Extremadura, Spain. This is one of the most natural, and environmentally conserved parts of Europe and ensures the Propolis is of an exceptional quality.

06 July 2013

Beekeepers facing 'meltdown' as more than half of hives wiped out

The headline on this story on Independent.ie seems, well, a little over-dramatic. 'Meltdown,' as in a runaway nuclear fission reaction, produces an ugly, hot jumble of radioactive fuel, control rods, moderator and coolant. That sounds a teeny bit more serious than beekeepers losing stocks.

Three Mile Island was serious. Chernobyl, though not strictly a meltdown, was serious.


04 July 2013

Jericho Beekeeping...

Today I indulged in a little Jericho Beekeeping, a concept borrowed from property surveyors (drive by, toot the horn, if it falls down...).

I glanced in the hive for all of two minutes, perhaps less. The girls are in a new brood box on new foundation, and thanks to the warm weather are doing well. Masterful Inaction, that's me.

Toot Toot!