18 June 2015

Warré hives

Yet another topic that has escaped me: Warré hives. On principle I like the let-the-bees-alone attitude, and I like the word 'nadiring' even more!

See http://www.bee-friendly.co.uk/

11 June 2015


Lovely pics on this blog: https://beeviable.wordpress.com/ 

07 June 2015

Will it ride up with wear?

Beekeeping in the news again, this time The London Evening Standard: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/rise-of-the-urban-beekeeper-london-rallies-to-plight-of-the-humble-honeybee-10283958.html

Comedy-size beekeeping Marigolds. How on earth can she handle the frames with those monsters flapping around her fingers? The suit is on the generous side, too. No doubt it will ride up with wear.