20 August 2018

Chris Slade

Came across this blog, https://chrissladesbeeblog.wordpress.com/  If you can get past the self-centred life trivia, there's some half-decent beekeeping info.

16 August 2018

Honey prices

$18.50 for 8oz cut comb...San Francisco, CA

Miel de...

Any clues what these varieties are?

Asian hornet

Spotted by a UK beekeeper holidaying in France

Not Neonicotinoids


From the BBC web site:

Attempts to find a new generation of pesticides to replace neonicotinoids have been dealt a potential blow.
Neonicotinoids are the most commonly used insecticide in the world, but had been linked to bee declines.
Studies suggest a new type of pesticide seen as an alternative to the chemicals, which have been banned in many countries, may have similar risks.
The new insecticides may reduce bumblebee reproduction in the wild, according to a study by UK scientists.
The alternatives had been sought because of the evidence linking neonicotinoids to declines in bee populations - leading to the bans and restrictions on their use.

Small Bees

Bought a 1lb jar of creamed honey from Small Bees at the Saturday Farmers' market in Palo Alto, CA, $15. Very tasty.

02 August 2018

So here’s how to have honey for breakfast!

A member of the Wimbledon Beekeepers' Association (WBKA) spotted this, and wrote: 

"So here’s how to have honey for breakfast! Only at the best spa hotels though!"

(What kind of hotel admits a WBKA member to breakfast, that's what I want to know...)