21 September 2019

16 September 2019

Just came across Bee Culture, The Magazine of American Beekeeping. Totally. Awesome.


15 September 2019

Yield 2019

This year's weather was generally unkind to my bees - hot one day, cold and and wet the next. However, a warm end-of-summer worked out well, with an estimated 20kg honey yield/hive.

12 September 2019

Male honeybees blind the queen bee during sex by injecting her with toxins

A new study by researchers from the University of California, Riverdale, has revealed that male bees inject toxins during sex to temporarily blind the queen bee...

Image: BARBARA BAER-IMHOFF / UCR from https://www.mirror.co.uk/science/male-honeybees-blind-queen-bee-19942655


10 September 2019

Asian hornet, Vespa velutina

Another UK sighting:


08 September 2019

Bananas for bees

A fascinating post from https://blythewoodbeecompany.com/put-down-that-banana-beekeeper/, describing how the chemicals in bananas match the main alarm pheromone in bees : isoamyl acetate.


07 September 2019

03 September 2019


Promise, large Promise, is the soul of an Advertisement.Samuel Johnson, 1759, in his own magazine called The Idler!

01 September 2019

How much does a jar of honey cost?

For the 227 g pots, £8.50 per lb, or (bizarrely) the 340 g pots
come to slightly more, at £9.03 per lb

31 August 2019

Mead. Yuk.

There must be a better use of honey. Like honey, for example...

29 August 2019

How much does a jar of honey cost?

Well, I dunno, as I cannot see a weight on this pot. I think these are 227 g,
which brings them in at £24/kg, or £10.88/lb

19 August 2019


I also have MAQS, but they smell so strong I chickened out and went back to Apiguard

16 August 2019

Wimbledon Honey

Found this very nice-looking site, https://www.wimbledonhoney.co.uk/ - these guys must be near me. The video includes a shot of the beekeeper wearing the world's dirtiest gloves.

14 August 2019

Waspery in Jersey


07 August 2019

Buddleia and bumbles

Buddleia was brought to the UK around 1730 and now grows on almost every railway embankment in the country, much to the delight of butterflies and bees.
Bombus terrestris, at a guess

03 August 2019

Roses are red, Lavender is [rather obviously not] blue

At Mayfield Lavender Farm, Banstead.. The place was heaving with honey and bumble bees - not that you can see them in this rotten video of mine. The bumbles were particularly big & beautiful.

Lavender is very obviously not blue.

02 August 2019

Vespa crabro

In Greece I kept an eye out for Vespa velutina - none seen. Plenty of big, beautiful European hornets, Vespa crabro, though - they really are amazing beasties!

Pic from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AD2009Aug08_Vespa_crabro_01.jpg

30 July 2019

How much does a jar of honey cost?

In Kerkira Airport, duty-free, €3.80/120g, or €31.67 per kg - nice work if you can get it.

29 July 2019

It's All Greek To Me (How much does a jar of honey cost?)

...and here is the beekeeper, selling honey at €8 for 0.5 kg. The honey tasted heavily of pine, or possibly thyme

It's All Greek To Me

A few shots from a local beekeeper's apiary in Corfu. It was about 35C in the shade.

14 July 2019

Enormous swarm of bees causes 'panic' in Limerick

Why is 'panic' in inverted commas? Anyway, here's the enormous swarm: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/crazy-swarm-of-bees-in-limerick-captured-on-camera-1.3952725

I like this bit from the article: "It is understood two local beekeepers arrived soon afterwards to retrieve the bees which are becoming an endangered species across Europe."


I don't normally wear my hair this long. Pic from https://www.aier.org/article/anatomy-moral-panic

07 July 2019

Killer bees

I think this article has been recycled more than Thames water: Those honeybees you’re so worried about? They’re killing off wild bee species



06 July 2019


There are so many videos Out There it's a shame to pick just one juicy morsel...

03 July 2019

Asian hornet


25 June 2019

Weather swings, again

With Paris, France, sweltering in 40+C, the apiary in Wimbledon has finally made it to the low twenties.

And in other news...

24 June 2019

Weather swings

The temp has lurched from 14C to 24C in just a couple of days, and the bees are bringing on queen cells like no tomorrow. I'm guessing that the wet weather preceding means that the flowers' nectaries are full, and the bees are going crazy. Here's that Pagden again:

Image from the very informative http://killowen.com/swarmcontrol.html

21 June 2019

Bee Simulator

Rather obviously, I am one of the last people to discover the Bee Simulator game.

The name reminds me of Fee Waybill's remark about simulated Indian beaver fur: "They don't have beavers in India, so they have to simulate them."

Maybe that's it: I'm simulating being a beekeeper.

17 June 2019

Stings & Puns

I found this excellent piece on bee stings: http://basicbeekeeping.blogspot.com/2008/01/lesson-21-bee-stings.html, written by David & Sheri Burns of Long Lane Honey Bee Farms, Illinois.

And besides, there's a winning pun on the website:

16 June 2019

Ex Machina & swarm control

I quite like this robo-beekeeper video, from Gary Hammond : https://youtu.be/BCReKLV6CB4

Gary's pretty handy with a guitar, too.

13 June 2019

An Inspector Calls

Following a case of EFB at a near-by apiary, the Regional Bee Inspector called. He used a lateral flow device, very similar to a pregnancy test thingy, to check.... and the answer, thank goodness, was negative.

From https://www.filmbankmedia.com/films/archive/details/657-an-inspector-calls

11 June 2019

Urban beekeeping boom is harming native bees, entomologists say

Far more importantly, the Canadian councillor who worries is called Francesco Miele - or "Frank the Honey" to his beekeeping mates...


Urban beekeeping is increasingly popular in Montreal, but the city's opposition party wants to control the practice in order to make room for native bee species. (John Minchillo/Associated Press)

09 June 2019

One Thousand and One Uses for a Hive Tool

I wonder where "patio grouting" falls on the list?

Innovation courtesy my first (and so far only) wife

08 June 2019

Go From Incompetent To Super Effective

The title of this podcast caught my eye: Go From Incompetent To Super Effective, based on Peter Drucker's 1967 book The Effective Executive


The heart of advertising is promise, large promise.
Claiming to be 'The Definitive Guide" is quite something, let alone the assertion that he, or anyone,
knows which are the "right" things...