16 January 2019

The White Stuff

Dave the Beekeeper sent this pic to our WhatsApp group, and wrote:

A friend's hives in Poland; I think we will definitely be getting some of the white stuff soon. Not telling you how to suck eggs, but make sure your bees have enough stores (honey/fondant) to get them though the coming months.

Beekeeping: priorities for winter

The unusually warm spell in the south of the UK means the bees are flying, with very little to forage. On the other hand, it makes treating the bees with winter medication (Api Bioxal) easier. I like this photo (not mine), as it demonstrates a beekeeper's priorities:

1 Thermos flask of tea
2 Everything else

05 January 2019

If you go down to the woods today

UK bees may suffer from woodpeckers, badgers and other annoyances.... while back in the US it's a different story!


03 January 2019

Somethng to braggot about

From a WBKA member:

Plus a very nice explanation to be found here: https://drinks.seriouseats.com/2011/07/serious-beer-braggot.html

02 January 2019

Dean Forest

Very nice shots on the https://www.deanforestbeekeepers.co.uk/ website. My favourite: