29 March 2020

Starvation in a land of plenty

Another colony lost to starvation. In this case, they had eaten all the winter fondant and a fair bit of the fondant placed on the hive in January - about 1 kg in total - but it was too far from the cluster.

I heard of a near-by apiary where 7/8 of the colonies have starved this winter.


24 March 2020

Temporary Office Closure March 2020

Office Temporary Closure  The BBKA is closing the office for 3 weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time no orders from the shop will be processed.  The phone lines will still be answered but please bear with the staff during this time as there may be delays. The phone lines are being redirected but only one call can be taken at a time. It will be easier for staff if you send an email to bbka@bbka.org.uk or direct to the team member if you know their email address. Advice for beekeepers tending hives during Covid-19 Pandemic  Swarm Collection curing Covid-19 Pandemic  If you are enquiring about Swarms please see our swarm page If you have a beekeeping question please join the BBKA Forum If you have made an order from the shop after 24/3/2020 it will not be processed until staff return to the office. If you have a question about Asian hornets please see our AHAT map page If your question relates to be added as an AH...

from British Beekeepers Association https://ift.tt/3dwKVRJ
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21 March 2020

Very annoying

At times like this you regret having docile bees, and dream of a feisty colony chasing the vandals high and low...

20 March 2020

Dead clever


17 March 2020

Cash crop - and it's not the honey

According to this piece, migratory beekeeping can earn up to $200,000. Crikey.


Beekeepers can make $200,000 in a few weeks by sending hives across the country, says Matias Viel of pollination start-up Beeflow Photo: Gabriela Hasbun, https://www.gabrielahasbun.com/ 

08 March 2020

The Nineteenth Tee

Spotted at the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club. Very nicely kept hives, and all busy on a mild March morning.