30 April 2020

Bees & Refugees

The project was the idea of 35 year-old Shepherd's Bush resident Ali Alzein, who fled his home and life in Damascus, Syria. He arrived in the UK in 2012 but found it hard to adjust. https://www.spacehive.com/local-honey


25 April 2020

17 April 2020

Honey for Hospitals!

Friday 17 April 2020 Dr Alasdair Driver is acting Chair of East Devon Beekeepers Association ( EDBKA ). He says just before the lockdown for corona virus he needed hospital treatment. "Just before the world entered into global disarray, I had to undergo some minor treatment at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, where I received the most amazingly excellent care. So, it occurred to me that with the added pressures and stress the staff there are now under, a small gesture from a grateful member of the beekeeping world may be of use." This then blossomed into a bigger idea of the branch to offer a larger amount of honey for the staff to enjoy. "So, with the backing of the EDBKA committee to raid the apiary supplies, I asked the hospital if a donation of honey for the staff would be useful .....back came a resounding YES!"  Dr Driver and his wife ordered special labels and spent Easter Monday morning jarring up and labelling over 130 jars of honey for the staff.  ...

from British Beekeepers Association https://ift.tt/34GRkpl
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16 April 2020


Neat way to grab a swarm... https://twitter.com/i/status/1249581328963682309

14 April 2020