24 July 2017

Best honey in the world

This modestly named blog http://worldbesthoney.blogspot.co.uk/ may be worth a visit

07 July 2017

The Bumbling Beekeeper

Keeping up with the alliterative beekeeper blog theme: http://www.bumblingbeekeeper.com/

Sticky Fingers


If you fancy extracting someone else's honey, here's the answer: http://walworthgarden.org.uk/events/2017/7/15/the-honey-harvest

I admire the £50 charge to do someone else's sticky work.

More neonickery

Worth listening to the first 22 minutes of this episode of BBC Radio 4's Inside Science show, presented by Dr Adam Rutherford: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wmk5x

30 June 2017

In conclusion, or inconclusion, on neonicotinoids

Following an in-depth study of the effect of neonicotinoid pesticides on bees, the conclusion is "Er, dunno."

See  and the full report http://science.sciencemag.org/content/356/6345/1393

20 June 2017

Smoking kills

An ancient beekeeper advised me that "Smoking is bad for both bees and keeper."

Sadly, I've lost touch. He's probably propping up a bar somewhere. Or dead. Or both.

19 June 2017


On Fathers' Day I was given the Haynes Bee Manual. Outstanding. You can buy the Haynes Bee Manual (and read very positive reviews) here.

13 June 2017

Baby you can drive my car


Crying wolf, or sounding the alarm?

The trouble is, this is old news...Does repetition get the message across, or numb the audience?

08 June 2017

The Bungling Beekeeper's Beekeeping Bible

Here's a nice blog: https://thebunglingbeekeeper.blogspot.co.uk/