05 July 2018

Asian hornet tracking


14 June 2018

Fire pit or burial mound?

Holne Chase Apiary, now full. I'm not sure about the earthworks in the middle. Fire pit? Burial Mound?

13 June 2018

Dangling swarm

How thoughtful of the bees to swarm so tidily, and within reach!

30 May 2018

But when she got there, the cupboard was bare

Here's the swarm notification chain from WhatsApp group:

[10:25, 5/29/2018]  Swarm in SW19 7EP any one available (message is 15 mins old from public)

[10:28, 5/29/2018]  Spoken to the man, swarm on a post about 3ft off the ground about the size of 2 Rugby balls long and 1ft wide

[10:45, 5/29/2018]  Max is en route to collect it.

[11:08, 5/29/2018]  Now THAT is a swarm

[11:48, 5/29/2018]  Update, the rapid response unit (aka Max) attended the location only to find about a cup full of bees left at the location, lots of bees flying around, if they settle Max will re-attend.

[11:49, 5/29/2018] Bad luck Max. Not rapid enough it seems!

15 May 2018

Swarm - three times in the same place...

Picked up a small swarm yesterday evening. That's the third swarm that has arrived in the same garden, three years running. The house owners mentioned that a friend keeps bees near-by... Jus' sayin.'

Oddly, the swarm settled on the ground. The trickiest part was encouraging the bees into the box before the light failed.

08 May 2018

Spilling out of the hive

A nice example of bees spilling out of the hive on a hot day (28C)

04 May 2018


With some justification, Avaaz [https://www.avaaz.org/page/en/] is claiming the ban on neonicotinoids resulted from its people-led campaigns

See https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/save_the_bees_neonics_loc_ns/?slideshow

01 May 2018

Bee chocolate!

From Kew Gardens. What ingredient is NOT included, I wonder? 

Yep, no honey in this, only honey flavour