20 June 2017

Smoking kills

An ancient beekeeper advised me that "Smoking is bad for both bees and keeper."

Sadly, I've lost touch. He's probably propping up a bar somewhere. Or dead. Or both.

19 June 2017


On Fathers' Day I was given the Haynes Bee Manual. Outstanding. You can buy the Haynes Bee Manual (and read very positive reviews) here.

13 June 2017

Baby you can drive my car


Crying wolf, or sounding the alarm?

The trouble is, this is old news...Does repetition get the message across, or numb the audience?

08 June 2017

The Bungling Beekeeper's Beekeeping Bible

Here's a nice blog: https://thebunglingbeekeeper.blogspot.co.uk/

01 June 2017

Olympics, here we come

The Google card for the Wimbledon Beekeepers' Association lists us as "Sports club in Morden."

31 May 2017


It's an enormous pity that slang terms, such as syrup, have largely fallen out of use. All the same, I miss the opportunity to write about the hilarious results of confusing syrup of figs with bee feed. It could be funnier than Citizen Khan. Heck,*anything* could be funnier than Citizen Khan.

How on earth did Anand Varma shoot this film?

15 May 2017


The same friend called again, this time to say that she had spotted a swarm in her garden. I am waiting at the airport to fly to London. I blame James Nesbitt.

14 May 2017


A friend called to say that she had spotted a swarm, sitting neatly on a post, in her street. I am waiting at the airport to fly to Berlin.