10 November 2013

Death and destruction

Throwing out the yellowjackets before winter

22 October 2013

Queen Bee Blog

Very good blog - much more betterer than D.O.A.I.B.


14 October 2013

Brand Logic

My honey is proudly labelled "Waxy Beelegs Honey."
Where on earth did I get the idea for the name?

10 October 2013

Obviously not written by a beekeeper

The premise of the movie is that a mad scientist (played by Anitra Ford) has created an army of beauties who seduce men to death. One by one the male victims are killed before the local police catch on to the plans of the infested females.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_the_Bee_Girls

07 October 2013

Compound eyes

Yesterday's excitement (adding feed to the colony) was immeasurably increased by losing my glasses in the apiary. 

After a brief search, touch-based location saved the day; I trod on them. A little wonkier for wear, I once again have compound eyes. 
Stolen from http://www.keeping-honey-bees.com/compound-eyes.html

23 September 2013

Furtive beekeeping

I have been looking for one of these camo suits for aaaages... Furtive beekeeping beckons

09 September 2013

As good as you can get round these 'ere parts...

The Association runs bee health check days: 30 bees crushed, examined &c for nosema and acarine, and eyeballed for varroa. The girls are all healthy, I am glad to say - mainly because they are from East Surrey Bees, which is pretty much as good as you can get round these 'ere parts.

29 August 2013

This honey smells of PR

An amusing, if unbelievable, story: http://shar.es/zzKl8

Bez, the former Happy Mondays star, has revealed he suffered an unpleasant bee attack after leaving his trouser zip undone while tending his bee hive.

28 August 2013

Glowing like a Good 'Un

Bicycling in a beesuit is really not recommended, especially not up Wimbledon Hill. I was glowing like a good 'un when I reached the top.

  • Horses Sweat
  • Men Perspire 
  • Ladies only Glow

Talking about bicycles: Here's a pic of Jana Kinsman, Bike-a-Bee, Chicago.
Is Chicago flat or lumpy? I think we should be told. http://bikeabee.com/about

16 August 2013

African 'killer bees'

How to save our bees: cross-breed them with African 'killer bees'    Photo:  Eureka Entertainment
The RC helicopter was justified - it was used to film swarms in flight, apparently.