31 August 2017

Naked beekeeping


27 August 2017

I'd wear a bee suit..


04 August 2017

Flow hive

As a fundamentally lazy person, the Flow Hive looks interesting to me... Video from http://beeliciousbees.blogspot.co.uk/

03 August 2017

Honey: A Sensual Journey


Do we have too much time on our hands? "Mr. Patterson harvests honey from hives on the property for spa treatments."

24 July 2017

Best honey in the world

This modestly named blog http://worldbesthoney.blogspot.co.uk/ may be worth a visit

07 July 2017

The Bumbling Beekeeper

Keeping up with the alliterative beekeeper blog theme: http://www.bumblingbeekeeper.com/

Sticky Fingers


If you fancy extracting someone else's honey, here's the answer: http://walworthgarden.org.uk/events/2017/7/15/the-honey-harvest

I admire the £50 charge to do someone else's sticky work.

More neonickery

Worth listening to the first 22 minutes of this episode of BBC Radio 4's Inside Science show, presented by Dr Adam Rutherford: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wmk5x

06 July 2017

Over 90 degrees and they're bearding

This caught my eye, from http://cpbwarre.blogspot.co.uk/