31 May 2019


As you might expect, this Buckfast blog is well worth the reading time: https://www.buckfast.org.uk/bee-blog

And this Guardian article is worth a look, too:

30 May 2019

Ten Brilliant Beekeepers' Blogs

Naturally, Incompetent Beekeeper does not feature on the list of "Ten Brilliant Beekeepers' Blogs."



(And there goes my chance of being included...)

28 May 2019


It's heartwarming that after a few million years' evolution, this is what humans do.

How much does a jar of honey cost? Quanto costa un vasetto di miele?

In a long-running theme, here's another "How much does a jar of honey cost?" post. In Italy, it's €7.50 for 500g.

Picture from a WBKA member. No names, no pack-drill.

26 May 2019

BBKA Basic

Another excellent course morning for the BBKA Basic at WBKA. It's astonishing how little I have learned in 15 years of beekeeping, and how many bad habits I have collected.

23 May 2019

Time Out

In case you missed it... At £45 a go, that's pretty good money, honey.

Spotted by a WBKA member

18 May 2019

Swarmy Hatfield

These bees chose a pavement, of all places, to land...

From https://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/bee-swarm-on-pavement-in-hatfield-1-6051789

And here's the video: https://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/bee-swarm-on-pavement-in-hatfield-1-6051789?jwsource=cl

17 May 2019

Imperial Purple Part II

Watching swarms walk in ... wonderful!

From a WBKA member. I wonder where the silk comes from?
(Better check the curtains. Or the bedsheets.)

15 May 2019

I, Beebot

How about this: Can AI help stop bee extinction? (To save you reading the article, the short answer is 'Yes.')



13 May 2019

London Bee Corridor & the Brent Council Waggle Dance

The "London Bee Corridor" sounds too good to be true; it's certainly a snappy name. To point the bees the right way, I wonder if the Brent Councillors will indulge in a collective waggle-dance... They could sell tickets.


Councillor Krupa Sheth (LB Brent) says the "bee corridor" will be ready by the summer

12 May 2019

Before you start keeping bees

After keeping (and losing and killing and catching and nurturing) bees for nearly 15 years, I thought I'd have a crack at the BBKA Basic Assessment.

Pic from https://www.thespruce.com/beginners-guide-to-beekeeping-3016857 
The clue's in the name

"Bees defy the laws of physics..."

Of course, there are no laws of physics. Nature does what nature does, and we describe what nature does with "laws." But nature does not follow laws, and we don't actually know why nature does what it does. It just does. So there.

Here's a picture of Richard Feynman, lest we forget.

Picture from https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/context/top-10-richard-feynman-quotations

11 May 2019

Linked In, Cox's Honey, and a tinge of piffle

As a good-for-nothing ne'er-do-well, I searched 'beekeeping' on Linked In...


Turns out that https://coxshoney.com/ is looking for help, in Idaho (where the spuds come from, I believe). There's a tinge of piffle on the Cox's Honey site, e.g. "Bees defy the laws of physics..." but I'll let that pass.

10 May 2019

Beekeeping tours in Crete

A fellow WBKA member on hols in Crete spotted this:

If I charged €20 for an apiary tour, I'd be quids in. (Does that even make sense?)

Check out the QR code on the leaflet, too. 

09 May 2019

Bees, Cleese and Atkinson

John Cleese went to the same school as me. So there.


08 May 2019

World Bee Day event

Email not displaying correctly?
Embassy of Slovenia is in partnership with Conway Hall and Bee Midtown hosting an event in celebration of World Bee Day 2019:


Tuesday 21 May 2019 from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm
Conway Hall, 
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

At 7pm there will be a welcoming address by the Slovenian Ambassador, Tadej Rupel, the Chief Executive of Conway Hall, Dr. Jim Walsh and a representative from Bee Midtown.

Admission is free, but tickets must be booked in advance HERE

07 May 2019

06 May 2019

UN 'extinction report' predicts 1m species at risk

UN report here: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/blog/2019/05/nature-decline-unprecedented-report/

At the time of writing, we humans are one of around 8.7 million species on earth, which implies that more than 10% of species are threatened with extinction.

Looked at another way, 100% of species are threatened with extinction (that's how natural selection works).

In just the recent thousands of years, humans have achieved wonderful things - learned to speak, write, build pyramids, reach the moon and broadcast "The Only Way Is Essex."

At what cost?

Pic from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48169783

03 May 2019

Saving bees with sugar.... errmmm, really?

Pic from 

I don't really buy this story. Saving bees one at a time will be a looooong job..

Saving bees with sugar: Connecting with nature or 'a last resort'?