19 March 2009

Timbals, stridulation and Scrabble

Well here's an oddity - which I forgot to report: when opened, I can hear a distinct, low thrumming from inside one of the hives!

The sound is similar-ish to the sound of a dove, but faster and lower.

Could it be a mouse? There is no sign of mice, and the anti-mouse bars were closed all winter (and still are).

Could it be the queen? Various bee books refer to the queen making cicada-like sounds. Do queens have timbals? Can they stridulate?

Competitive Scrabble, anyone?

Pic from wikipedia, more about Scrabble at http://www.scrabble.com/

14 March 2009

Buzzy Bees, Sasha Felix and The Beverley Sisters

OK, possibly not the most germane link ... Sasha Felix, who created Sing & Sign (http://www.singandsign.com/) which features the 'Buzzy Bee' song, is the daughter of Teddie Beverley of The Beverley Sisters, as featured on this blog at http://mellifera.blogspot.com/2008/10/limited-intelligence-beverly-or.html.

(Next stops will be Kevin Bacon and Paul Erdos...)

02 March 2009

Woodpeckers and other varmints

Dang! A woodpecker has been having a go at one of the hives. Minimal damage so far.

Because the lifts (the outer coverings of a WBC hive) are somewhat thicker than the walls of a National or similar hive, it looks as if the bird gave up before breaking through.

I will post a video of the hive front, where you can see the damage, later on. Mean-time, enjoy the very fine highbrow Woody Woodpecker intro, or visit the Universal Site for a proper clip.

The Woody Woodpecker & Friends Cartoon Collection DVD Volume 2 Available April 15, 2008 From Universal Studios