31 August 2019

Mead. Yuk.

There must be a better use of honey. Like honey, for example...

29 August 2019

How much does a jar of honey cost?

Well, I dunno, as I cannot see a weight on this pot. I think these are 227 g,
which brings them in at £24/kg, or £10.88/lb

19 August 2019


I also have MAQS, but they smell so strong I chickened out and went back to Apiguard

16 August 2019

Wimbledon Honey

Found this very nice-looking site, https://www.wimbledonhoney.co.uk/ - these guys must be near me. The video includes a shot of the beekeeper wearing the world's dirtiest gloves.

14 August 2019

Waspery in Jersey


07 August 2019

Buddleia and bumbles

Buddleia was brought to the UK around 1730 and now grows on almost every railway embankment in the country, much to the delight of butterflies and bees.
Bombus terrestris, at a guess

03 August 2019

Roses are red, Lavender is [rather obviously not] blue

At Mayfield Lavender Farm, Banstead.. The place was heaving with honey and bumble bees - not that you can see them in this rotten video of mine. The bumbles were particularly big & beautiful.

Lavender is very obviously not blue.

02 August 2019

Vespa crabro

In Greece I kept an eye out for Vespa velutina - none seen. Plenty of big, beautiful European hornets, Vespa crabro, though - they really are amazing beasties!

Pic from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AD2009Aug08_Vespa_crabro_01.jpg