07 May 2007

Mordern Hall Park Show

Working hard on the SBKA and WBKA stand at the Mordern Hall Park Show... Wanda to the left, Val to the right. I wangled free entry to the fair by showing my Beekeepers' Association Membership card. Don't leave home without it.

05 May 2007

Waxy Beelegs Honey

It smells of honey, looks like honey and by golly it is honey. It's full of bee legs, propolis and wax, and tastes great!

I can see the labels now: "Waxy Beelegs Honey."

01 May 2007


Hive inspection this morning... not good news. Only enough bees to cover four frames in the brood box, and I could see no signs of larvae in other cells. The one uncapped queen cell did not seem to have a larva in it either, so the colony may be in terminal decline.

During the inspection, I was careful to move gently. Even so, the bees were quite fierce, bumping into the veil and generally buzzing around angrily. I think this behaviour is a sign of being queenless. I'll leave it for a week and see what transpires.

Curiously, there is tons of activity in terms of foraging. Hmmm. Bamboozled.