23 April 2010

keeping bees

"keeping bees" by Paul Peacock is a longish (120pp+) attempt at a practical guide...

Not particularly well-organised or written, "keeping bees" is easily eclipsed by "Hive Management" by Richard E Bonney.

Next on my reading list is "Guide to Bees and Honey" by Ted Hooper.

14 April 2010


Every time I visit www.peak-hives.co.uk, I covet their beautiful, beautiful hives.

Remind me, which sin is that?

08 April 2010

Diary of a competent beekeeper

Take a look at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/beekeeping/

06 April 2010

"Jericho" not the best inspection method

Finally, finally managed to find time to inspect the hives fully rather than the previous Jericho efforts.

As I thought, one hive failed to make it through the winter - except, of course, it was not the hive I was expecting...

Judging from the remains of the cluster, the colony that died was not large enough to keep warm. There were stores near-by, the comb etc looked healthy. The surviving colony already has many, many more bees.