29 September 2011

Clearing supers

In the past, prior to removing supers, I have used either Canadian or Porter bee escapes, with varying lack of success.

This year, in haste I simply shook and brushed as many bees off as possible, and sealed the remainder into the super. Not great.

Back home, I undid the supers to release the trapped bees... And lo and behold, they all, without exception, flew off (back to the hive?) leaving me with bee-free combs.



Max said...

A trick when you are doing quite a few (ie trailer loads) is kind of what you did, get rid of as many as possible while removing them from the hive, and loading the trailer, then drive a km or so down the road, then go back to the trailer, uncover the back, and lots will fly off, but not have time to get back to the hive and tell the others where the food source is. Another km latter, do the same, and then most of the bees will be gone, and since it wasn't far, they can all find their way back to their own hive.

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