07 February 2019

06 February 2019

Back to school

Speaking to Year One at Wimbledon High School - a tough crowd!

05 February 2019


The mild weather followed by cold snap has got me worried. Last week the bees were out flying. With precious little forage available, I presume they were eating through the stores. This week it is too cold to inspect. All the colonies have fondant on the top bars of the brood frames, but in my experience they are reluctant to take it down...

Here's a picture of Mr Creosote.

03 February 2019

Aldi vs Kellogg's

Let's face it, honey is popular

St Haralampi, patron saint of beekeeping

Religion, despite being a dangerous infection of the human mind, does occasionally come up with some crackingly good nonsense: St Haralampi, patron saint of beekeeping.